A story of blessings and success!

          Born in São João de Meriti (RJ), the artist did not come from a family traditionally musicians, but at the age of 11 moved to Niterói, a city with a very intense musical culture and soon he would be entering and becoming involved with the movement within the church he frequented (Plenitude Ministry, in the neighborhood of Caramujo). He began to study alto saxophone at the age of sixteen at the National Conservatory of Music of the State of Rio de Janeiro, located in Icaraí - Niterói. At the time his teacher and saxophonist Edson Santos already suspected and bet on the talent of the young musician. After two years of study, the musician joined the faculty of the Art Music School in the city center, and soon he was already working with renowned artists of the Gospel music such as Cláudio Claro, Kleber Lucas, Sérgio Lopes, Oficina G3 and others
          His first important work was the recording of the CD "De Bem com a Vida" by singer Melissa, for the Records Line Records. Since then, the work in concerts and recordings began to get more intense until in 1996, it became part of the Tabernacle of David, a band belonging to the singer Cláudio Claro, with whom he recorded the CD "Libertador", which was a great success, traveling on a tour around Brazil for about a year and a half. In 1996, he participated in the CD "My Greatest Pleasure", by singer Kleber Lucas, by MK PUBLICITÁ, and then became part of his band in the next almost 08 years. With the schedule full of shows all over Brazil, he accompanied Kleber Lucas on the tours of his two albums: God Cares for Me, Cross Feet and Valer a Pena, also recording his DVD "Live at Olimpo-RJ". Parallel to all this, his sonority put him in concerts with Oficina G3, Sérgio Lopes, Aline Barros, Marina de Oliveira, Eyshila, Baby do Brasil and almost all the artists of gospel music and some secular ones like Simoni, Alexandre Lucas, Cláudio Zoli. The musician believed that God had already shown him and placed in his heart a desire to have a Ministry of Music in the churches, but with a proposal different from the conventional one. Something that would surprise people. So, he researched a lot with the audience and based on the Bible, he realized that his saxophone could be a channel of praise and ministry. Encouraged by friends and guided by God began to compose. After three years of hard work and dedication, he released his first instrumental CD in 2002, which took his name as the title, and a repertoire composed of Pop and Black Music. This came to seal the musician's career and present a creative, original and innovative Project of Praise for the churches.
          In 2004 he released his second solo work titled "Minha Vida", with Hittas as Cláudio Claro's Bread of Life, Tears in the Eyes of Marquinhos Gomes, which implaced and played on all the Gospel radio stations in the country. special participation of Álvaro Tito, Alexandre Lucas and Mayla Hadalla. In 2005 he had the opportunity to launch together with three other saxophonists the CD Sax For Christ, a compilation of 16 songs containing classical music. In 2006 he released the CD "A New Time" composed of some songs of his own and more of the hits "Deus Cuida de Mim" by Kleber Lucas, "Leva Me Me Além", from the Apasomen Ministry and many others, of Álvaro Tito singing "No Há Barreiras", music that was known in his voice in the 90s.
          At that time he started to tour the CD Olha pra mim, from the Toque ao Altar Ministry, and had the opportunity to record the "Toque al Altar e Restituição" at Olimpia-SP and "Deus de Promessas" at Citibank Hall - RJ . His singular sound still made him a band leader in the ministry of singer Álvaro Tito, alias an icon of the Gospel music of whom Angelo always revealed to be a great admirer. In 2008 he released his CD "Dreams", portraying exactly his path of ministering in the churches. A CD with his own compositions mostly, where Angelo not only plays but also sings the praises. A new moment in his career, taking the opportunity to launch him throughout the country and also in Miami USA. That same year he is invited to participate in the Ministry Bringing the Ark, participating in national and international tours of CDS "Marca da Promessa" and "Pra tocar no Manto", which he also recorded. In addition he was with the group in the recording of the DVD in Maracanazinho-RJ, a success in the Gospel Market, winner of several prizes. A production of the highest level that has impacted even the most demanding critics. In 2010, after the Ministry Bringing the Ark, Angelo decides to focus only on his solo career, recording the "Communion" CD in partnership with guitarist André Santos, launching it in northeastern Brazil, on a tour in Recife, Maceió, João Pessoa and Natal in the month of January of this year. In 2011, came the CD "I want to go singing," a live production. A CD of praise and worship, with its own compositions and some partnerships, where Angelo plays, sings and ministers with the church. A work of impact in his career, showing a new course, a time of news of God in his ministry. A time of boldness and courage, sealing what God had already shown over the years and his spiritual maturity.
          Following 2012, Angelo launches "Essential." A CD full of hits from some of the great composers with whom he worked, among them, Kleber Lucas, Ministry bringing Arca, Davi Sacer, Fernandinho, Marquinhos Gomes and many others, realizing his career alongside these great artists and servants of God, and determining a new period in his solo career.
          In 2014, its biggest project. The recording of his first DVD, a dream that God performed. The event was held at i9 Music, the largest and most respected House of Shows in Niterói and São Gonçalo and is among the best in Rio de Janeiro. A highly artistic and musical Project with Event Status of the year in the São Gonçalo / Niterói axis.
          Participating in the event and recording were great names such as Kleber Lucas, Marquinhos Gomes, Davi Sacer, Álvaro Tito, Cláudio Claro, Marcus Salles, as well as the international participation of the American saxophonist KIRK WHALUM. Certainly Angelo's biggest project and comes to seal a successful career.
          In 2016 Angelo launches a new and spectacular project, the ADORATION CD, with the greatest hits of the Australian Christian Ministry HILLSONG. An all instrumental work played by Angelo through the alto and tenor saxophones.

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